The earth has natural fields that are created by the inner geomagnetic field of the earth and the outer frequencies of the earth’s atmosphere. These low frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields match the narrow biologic window ( 0.5 – 25 Hz) of human cell frequencies required for life on earth.

Presenting the body with the correct PEMF will protect from daily bombardment of electro smog and give the body the chance for each cell to perform as designed!!

The 8 Benefits of PEMF

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Stronger Bones

PEMF stimulates the bone cells to strengthen
Microcurrents stimulate osteoblasts (bone forming cells)
PEMF heal long standing fractures

Endorphins and Pain Relief

#1 reason people invest in PEMF technology
PEMF increases natural endorphins – reduce need for addictive pharmaceutical Pain medications.
PEMF decreases the triggering of the pain response.

Better Sleep and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels

PEMF on Night setting induces theta and delta frequencies
Mind and body have rejuvenating nights rest
Single session can support full night sleep in insomniacs;
Stimulate production of Melatonin and HGH for sleep, anti-aging, rejuvenation and longevity

More Energy ATP

PEMF energizes the cellular pump (TransMembrane Potential – TMP) for membrane ion transport, internal pathways and delivery of essential elements like water, minerals and oxygen to the mitochondria “brain” of each of your 100 trillion cells.

In the mitochondria, ATP is broken down which creates a high energy electron that drives all living processes like immunity, respiration, locomotion, organ function, circulation.

Healthy Cells…. Healthy Body…

Better Oxygenation and Circulation

Your circulatory system is designed to deliver oxygen and nutrients TO THE CELLS and remove waste products FROM THE CELLS
Oxygen in the cells creates 38 molecules of ATP the energy generating molecule … No oxygen produces only 2 molecules of ATP.

PEMF enhances Cardio and Respiratory Systems in 4 Important Ways:
1. Formation of new blood vessels and improved micro circulation
2. Increased NO (Nitric Oxide) Production for oxygenating cells, enhancing the function of the heart, lowering blood pressure and improving circulation
3. Improved binding of Oxygen to Hemoglobin, the extraction of O2 in the lungs and release of toxic Carbon Dioxide.
4. Lowers Viscosity and Stickiness of Blood Cells increasing the surface area on red blood cells for oxygen binding and allows single file delivery of O2 in the capillaries

Improved Immunity

Your immune system, which resides primarily in your lymph vessels, is the primary defense against virus, bacteria, fungus, toxins and even cancer cells that your body creates.

PEMF increases the voltage of the cell, increases pH (alkaline) and oxygen creating an unsuitable environment for foreign invaders.

PEMF balances optimum levels of oxygen, alkaline pH, cellular charge, circulation, temperature and glucose levels.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Healthy Stress needs to be balanced with rest and relaxation.

Our Central Nervous System includes the Sympathetic (fight, flight, fright) and Parasympathetic (rest, digest, heal) systems

PEMF shifts your body to a parasympathetic mode that will decrease cortisol levels to energize, invigorate and stimulate your body to optimal performance.

The Biorhythm Clock will entrain different brain wave frequencies to energize you in the morning and relax you at night.

Nerve and Tissue Regeneration

PEMF is FDA approved for repair and healing of long standing bone fractures

Heals and repairs ALL tissues including the difficult nerve and brain cells

Promotes growth of damaged nerves after traumatic injury by promoting binding of nerve growth factor to receptor proteins

What is PEMF?

This BBC documentary provides an overview of PEMF. Learn the history of PEMF therapy, as well as different applications.

Dr. Oz Feature

Dr. Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon and teaching professor at Columbia University, explains how PEMF cures chronic pain.