R.H., Client

In the past, whenever I was experiencing a lot of stress due to changing demands of my job the outside corner of my right eye would start twitching. Recently, I had a similar experience except this time the right side of my upper lip started twitching. Beth was sharing all the benefits of the PEMF iMRS mat and suggested I have a 20 minute session. Later that day I realized I was no longer feeling any muscles twitching. And, even though I still have times that are very stressful, I have not had any twitches. I have also used the mat and pad when my shoulder muscles were hurting or I had a stiff neck. A few hours after a 20 minutes session my muscles were relaxed and there was no more discomfort.

K.R., Client

The first time I tried PEMF iMRS system I was surprised.  I didn’t feel much until I got the hicoughs.  Those went away and I didn’t think much more about it.  A few weeks later I was having a lot of shoulder pain.  I have a torn rotator cuff.  I tried two sessions on the mat and again didn’t feel much until about an hour later.  It was enough that I noticed the pain had diminished.  Next morning woke up to no pain!  I love the very gentle way that this works. Nothing dramatic, only subtle improvement in a very quick time frame.

M.B. LAc, Client

I just finished my first session on the iMRS PEMF system and it felt like I just completed a 1 hour Qigong class in only 8 minutes.

B.N., Client

I used the IMRS system on my fractured fibula and the bone doctor was amazed at the blast of bone cells and healing I experienced. It was what she would expect in a child or adolescent – not that of a 57 year old woman!! I stayed up and on my feet with only a soft walking boot – no casting – and dancing again within 6 weeks.

K.R., Client

I was getting onto a metro car in DC and was shoved backward into the doorway as the door shut on my shoulder.  The pain was immediate and excruciating!  When I returned home, Beth offered me a treatment and I received some immediate relief.  It only got better over the following days.  I was pain free within 3 days.  Amazing!

B. W., Retired special education teacher

I used the mat twice a day with my autistic 24 year old son. After the month was over, I noticed that he was calmer and more easy going. He seemed to listen and respond to requests more quickly. I would definitely recommend trying the mat with other autistic individuals to see if results are replicated.

J.R., Client

As a TBI survivor now for 14 years, I’ve tried numerous things to bring me comfort for my aches and help me obtain a deeper sleep. Sleep is very important for optimum healing when it comes to brain injury, deep sleep is best.

My sister introduced me to Beth Nelson about a year ago, and Beth introduced me to the PEMF. After the first time I used the PEMF I was stunned and excited to get on it again. However, I didn’t listen to Beth’s instructions and when my first session was complete I didn’t do as she suggested and slowly sit up, I just sat up. By doing that I was a little light headed so it was obvious to me my blood was moving and doing what it was supposed to do, strengthen and nourish my cells. Then she put the pad on my lower back pain because I’m in constant pain and it was so much better I was amazed!

As a result of my brain injury, I now suffer from tinnitus. It’s constant and changes tone and amplitude periodically. Beth correctly positioned the probes in my ears and while the tinnitus is still there, the sound is not as loud or constant. I sleep much better now and feel the PEMF has helped me in that area. Because I sleep better, it helps lessen the tinnitus as fatigue escalates any and all of my symptoms.

Other areas Beth has helped me with are knee, neck & elbow pain. Wherever I hurt, I know Beth and the PEMF can help.

Beth Nelson is the consummate professional who I have the honor now to call friend! I’ve shared my experiences with friends who not only saw Beth professionally, they bought the system!! I’m hooked!!!!