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Find relief from stress, pain, lack of sleep, depression, anxiety and degenerative and inflammatory diseases. Improve your overall personal health from the cellular level.

Wellness Solutions

There are a lot of factors that go into our overall health. You have to look at the WHOLE picture. Are you taking care of your Mind, Body, and Spirit? With Wellness Vision we take a look into the larger picture and help move you in the right direction with 3 areas of expertise and world class products from US and Germany/Switzerland:

Swiss Bionic Solutions, AlkaViva and doTERRA

Swiss Bionic Solutions

Improve chronic pain and
overall health using
Swiss Bionic’s Magnetic
Resonance Stimulation – PEMF.




Hydrate with the cleanest
water available.
From Pitchers to Ionizers,
to Whole Home Systems
enjoy UltraWater by AlkaViva.



Essential oils have been used
since before Biblical times.
Get the benefits
the ancients possessed
with Doterra Oils.


How It Works



Take a minute and schedule a consultation. Then take a deep breath and relax. You have taken the first step to Wellness.



This is the part where we have a conversation about your lifestyle, health, and goals. With that information, I will come up with a plan and let you know what I think will work best. 



The plan is in place! All you need to do from here is use the solution we have come up with. Remember, wellness starts with a small step, it rarely happens overnight and will take some work. You can do this!

About Beth

Dedicated to “Truth in Wellness.”

Beth Nelson, CEO of Wellness Vision, LLC provides a unique combination of over 30 years in the traditional healthcare arena, certifications in strategic planning and management, natural holistic systems thinking (vs analytical), healthcare quality and research experience and a passion for rehabilitative and preventative non-pharmaceutical wellness. Beth builds strong relationships with clients and educates on the technologies and solutions she offers.

Life Long Learner

Beth is constantly learning new scientific breakthroughs in select technologies, health options and products to allow well informed decisions for those dedicated to OWNing their health and wellness. Beth has studied wellness technologies and related bodies of knowledge for over 20 years. Focusing on Key Requirements for a healthy body and mind including electromagnetic fields (EMF/PEMF)– natural and man made;  Water Science (alkalinized, structured and H2 enhanced);  and World Class Essential Oils. Optimizing synergy of this TRIAD in established energy medicine to easily enhance your health.

Customized Care

Customized solutions for improving the wellness of the individual, family, business, employees, as well as those served by healthcare clinician/providers using holistic, balanced, system based consultation strategies and products for the home and business/practice.  Beth also brings a network of Trusted Partners to her solutions in support of your Total Wellness.


I just finished my first session on the iMRS PEMF system and it felt like I just completed a 1 hour Qigong class in only 8 minutes.

M.B. LAc, Client

I was getting onto a metro car in DC and was shoved backward into the doorway as the door shut on my shoulder.  The pain was immediate and excruciating!  When I returned home, Beth offered me a treatment and I received some immediate relief.  It only got better over the following days.  I was pain free within 3 days.  Amazing!
K.R., Client

I have a torn rotator cuff.  I tried two sessions on the mat and again didn’t feel much until about an hour later.  It was enough that I noticed the pain had diminished.  Next morning woke up to no pain!  I love the very gentle way that this works. Nothing dramatic, only subtle improvement in a very quick time frame.

B.N., Client

I used the IMRS system on my fractured fibula and the bone doctor was amazed at the blast of bone cells and healing I experienced. It was what she would expect in a child or adolescent – not that of a 57 year old woman!! I stayed up and on my feet with only a soft walking boot – no casting – and dancing again within 6 weeks.

R.K., Client

I used the mat twice a day with my autistic 24 year old son. After the month was over, I noticed that he was calmer and more easy going. He seemed to listen and respond to requests more quickly. I would definitely recommend trying the mat with other autistic individuals to see if results are replicated.
B. W., Retired special education teacher

I have used the mat and pad when my shoulder muscles were hurting or I had a stiff neck. A few hours after a 20 minutes session my muscles were relaxed and there was no more discomfort.

R.H., Client

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