Alkaline Lifestyle and Alkaline Water Benefits

Understanding pH Balance and Health

Most functions in the body are influenced by pH. Healthy enzyme and hormone systems and our blood’s ability to carry oxygen all depend on an alkaline pH.

Together, these systems impact our overall health

Living an alkaline lifestyle is also a choice.

The solution begins each time you choose what you eat, what you drink, and how you live with stress. As you reduce the acidic load on your system, you rebuild buffer reserves and your system can begin to do its job the way it was designed to. Your body returns to a balanced state, where it can buffer and eliminate unwanted acids. 

Your blood pH begins to inch ever so slightly upward toward the optimum end of the tightly regulated pH range. As it does, its ability to carry and release oxygen to your tissues also increases. Medical science has known about and measured this blood pH/oxygen-carrying relationship for years.

An oxygen-rich environment is an alkaline environment. And a healthy one too. Dr. Otto Warburg, for example, (who is often misquoted), was awarded a Nobel Prize for making the discovery that low oxygen is characteristic of cancer cells.

AlkaViva Vesta H2

The focus on water ionizer performance is shifting to now include hydrogen (H2) along with alkalinity (pH) and ionization (-ORP). The water ionizer cell – the engine for creating hydrogen rich water – has two components: electrodes and (ion exchange) membranes. Performance has historically been focused only on the electrodes. H2Infusion Technology is based on the fact that membranes are as critical to water ionizer performance as the electrodes.

“The ability of water to ionize, while slight, is of central importance for life.” 

Water & pH, Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry, Chapter 2, Peter J. Kennelly, PhD., Victor W. Rodwell, PhD.

Ions are King

An ion is any atom that has a positive or a negative charge. Everything in nature seeks to balance. Positive ions naturally seek a negative charge. When this union or balancing occurs, something happens – a reaction takes place – and energy is released.

You may have heard about negative ions. Why? When there is a net spend of energy, molecules are left holding a positive charge. Consistent or massive activity equates to an imbalance of positive polarity.

The frenetic pace of modern life implies “imbalance”.

Unless there is an abundant source of negative ions available, balancing – and metabolism – cannot occur.

The result is lower metabolic efficiency, energy loss, lethargy, and weakened vitality. This is why when you become unbalanced, standing at the beach near crashing waves, or by a waterfall and taking in the abundance of easily absorbed negative ions can “re-balance” or energize you.

Positive ions are also oxidizing.

Oxidation is what turns an apple brown or causes iron to rust.

It is attendant in, and exacerbates the symptoms of, inflammation and / or any degenerative health condition.

In that way, some say oxidation is the root cause of aging.

Why the H2 Series is the Best 

  • UltraWater™: The Best Ionizer Filter

  • Advanced Smart Electrodes

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  • AutoAdjust
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I have nothing to say but great things about my entire experience with AlkaViva!! Thoughtful and helpful advice when picking out my Vesta H2! Easy financing!! and someone was there on the phone to answer all my installation questions and you could really tell they cared!! When you need replacement filters, kind and friendly customer service staff make it easy!! You can really tell that they sincerely care about what they do!!

Matthew P.

I have had an AlkaViva alkaline water filter for years and I LOVE IT! I noticed that it was leaking, so I contacted their Customer Service Team. They had me ship it back and got it back to working like new.
But I wanted to write a review because their Customer Service Team was terrific to deal with. 
I highly recommend AlkaViva products and their Team. I wouldn’t purchase anything else.

Julia M.

I have had my Vesta H2 for 3 years now it has changed my life completely.
All the benefits i have gotten out of the Alkaline & Acidic Water has saved my health over all my teeth, inflammation & much more. My kids are very healthy & love the water as well. I have shared the benefits with others and now have a small cafe with an ionizer in it to share with many others. Thank you Alkaviva for changing my life & others.

Aly B.

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